We specialize in energy production and management.

From the feasibility study phase, design, monitoring of works and operation, we provide you with specialized engineering services all over Africa to assist you in your energy projects.


Fields of Energy

  • biomass;
  • geothermal energy;
  • wind;
  • Photovoltaic solar.

Our solutions

  • Generators;
  • Industrial installations;
  • Building Installations;
  • Building thermics;
  • Energy savings;
  • HT / MT line;
  • Public lighting;
  • Transformers;
  • Electrical protections.

Our renewable energy solutions:

  • consumption;
  • Microgrids & Storage;
  • Rooftop solar power plants;
  • Shade and ground;
  • Hybrid systems;
  • Rural electrification;
  • Solar pumping;
  • PV / diesel coupling.

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