We offer a managed service, which will help you focus on your business by having an efficient computer system managed by us.

We will ensure the optimization of your computer system, whether for your hardware, your network, your software or others.

Our technicians are experts in the outsourcing field.

We will allow you to control your costs, therefore to control your budget thanks to specialists according to a thought and programmed strategy.


Our outsourcing tools

  • The call center takes your intervention requests and provides you with a first level of technical response.
  • IT maintenance includes diagnosis and resolution of incidents.
  • Maintenance in operational condition (MCO) defines the measures taken to switch to a backup environment and triggers the PRA (disaster recovery plan) to guarantee you the working conditions provided in the event of a disaster.
  • Operational outsourcing manages the configurations and documents of architectures, operations, procedures …
  • Server supervision and network monitoring is done in real time and allows you to monitor the availability and performance of your tools.
  • Network administration operations take into account configuration requests, additions, modifications and deletions, and customer information.
  • Operational management includes an operational (incident, intervention, indicator) and strategic (technological watch, needs analysis, advice, etc.) option.



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