CEO & Founder (Mr. Mahamadi SAKANDE)

He is a Telecom and System Engineer, he is specializes in Broadband connectivity solutions. He has more than ten years of experience as CEO of several companies. He is the Founder of AIE.

Administrative Assistant (AA) (Ms. Stephanie Compaore)

She coordinates the administrative tasks, the agenda She is the coordinate for the administrative tasks, meetings and agenda planning and CEO meeting.

Chief Project Officer (CPO) (Mr. Victor Compaore)

He is in charge of Engineering Projects design, facilities process and follow-up.

Chief Support Officer (CSO) (Mrs Clemence ZOUNDI)

Mrs. Clemence ZOUNDI is the Chief of After Sales Support Service. She coordinate the team for a reliable and secure support.

Web Designer and Developer (Mr. Odilon Yougbare)

Is the Chief of the a Web design solutions team. They create web solutions engineering based on recents web app technologies.

Chief Branch Officer for Holland (Mr. Ton de Liefde)

Mr. Ton de Liefde, our Chief Branch Officer for Holland is a Telecom Engineer. He has good skill in Company management by creating and managing a telecom company in the Netherlands.

They trust us

These customers trust us for our adaptive and innovative engineering solutions, management and Support.